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      Hi, Just a few small PvP adjustements today before the new level cap. There will be really a lot of new content in the next update, which will come in some days. Let's start with these small things then before we drop the bomb!   Changes - We have moved the Infinity Healer NPC in a better position - We have fixed the C2 Exoria's Mage Helmet, now it will no longer disappear. Sorry for that inconvenience. - All items that were showing as "sold out" in the item mall can now
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      otherwise all the winners of the team will have a reward with the voucher system, at least the system will be used.  
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      Hi, Just a few very small yet important changes today. We have disabled the Halloween events and changed a few things regarding the new siege. Let's go with the list!   Changes - Halloween event disabled. We wish you enjoyed it! - Halloween Lacaball has been now removed - The description of change job and change class NPCs is now much clearer, also for newcomers - Exoria title for owners has now new interesting seals. Win the siege to discover which  - Fixed a small
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      Hello everyone , We are back with one of the best Events !    (Event Trailer New Siege) BUT now !!! the reward will be real money sent on paypal Details : the video must be at least 3 minutes   You must show the 2 parts of the new Siege , First Step and the Second Step of new Siege    Reward of the Video Event:  - 30 eu of paypal -     (There will be only One winner)     event lasts until next week / day: Sunday at 15:00
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      Hi community.  It looks like today is the day everyone has been waiting for a long time now!  It's the day of the brand new Castle Siege!  We want to say thank you to all the testers and all those who worked with us to make it possible.  We made a very detailed guide which contains and explains everything about it. You can ask all questions you want in the topic. You can find it here:      Now let's head to the changes in the today's update.    Chang
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